Alberto-Culver Company

Every now and then someone comes along who has spent a lifetime preparing for what is needed at a particular time. In these times, you need a wise guide who thinks insightfully, presents clearly, is perceptive and compassionate and inspires you to accomplish things you had previously thought were impossible. Carol is the person.

Philips Lighting Company

As a seasoned Senior Marketing Executive across several business industries, coaching with Carol proved invaluable. She customized a series of powerful sessions that enabled me to quickly produce a 180 degree turnaround in a critical business relationship.

What’s amazing about working with Carol is that she not only teaches you, she also makes you think and creates in you a paradigm shift that instantly changes behavior. She is able to have you see the very things stopping you from reaching excellence that you never knew existed. I know of no other coaching approach that produces as quickly and effectively as the one Carol uses.

If you want to move yourself to the next level—get to the place you dream about—working with Carol will definitely make a difference.


Carol Kelly is one of the most skilled, inspirational speakers that I have experienced. She’s not only talented, she’s gifted.

Atlantic Health Systems

We were faced with a massive challenge of merging the personnel from three different hospitals. This required about 1,000 people to be reassigned in work assignments and locations, and it involved layoffs and different reporting relationships. All of this created a great deal of resistance. We called on Carol Kelly—whom we had previously hired for ‘tough, highly charged’ teambuilding interventions—to conduct a series of change initiatives. I have never seen such a paradigm shift in people as a result of working with Carol. I highly recommend her for any tough change effort you’re faced with in your organization.

Philips Lighting Company

Carol helped me to develop and build a collaborative, cohesive team. Originally established as a change team—key category leaders—their performance was critical to the success of the organization’s marketing initiatives, and they were divided and in continuous conflict. After a powerful intervention with Carol, I saw an instant change in their working relationships and the overall working environment improved tremendously.