Why Hire Carol Kelly?


Your investment in Carol will pay off right away. Unlike some traditional training programs and seminars, Carol “intervenes” with a transformative, non-training, consultative process that uncovers the “root cause” of your problems and gets them solved “in real time.” She accomplishes this by a) analyzing the business and human system, b) designing high-impact “interventions” that are customized to your unique needs, c) bringing the key stakeholders together to roll up their sleeves, attack the problem, and leave with the problem solved. No theory. No fluff. In short, you will get your problem solved—quickly, be able to get on with business, save time and money.

A 20-year veteran of the telecommunications industry—as a Senior OD Consultant–Carol is an expert in “empowering the human system to do its own work.” To this end, her work is highly recommended for intact work teams or any teams or groups with interdependent responsibilities, especially those that are “stuck.” She is accomplished in helping her clients accomplish things they never thought were possible in a relatively short period of time. In just three days—or less—you will see observable, measurable short- and long-term results. Because Carol addresses the “root cause” of your problems, you will see sustained, lasting change.

Since each client system brings its own unique challenges and key players, no one intervention is exactly the same. Each experience is customized based on collected data and analysis, and the desired outcomes of the hiring client.

Carol embodies both substance and style. Her work is substantive because she brings the process, you bring the content, i.e. your unique problems, pains and perceptions. Even in her seminars and strategic work sessions, Carol’s style is high-energy, engaging, yet challenging. An experience with Carol brings about positive, permanent shifts in mindset and behavior. Some have described her work as “life-changing.”

Carol has worked with thousands of leaders in Fortune 500—and smaller—companies. She will partner with you as a trusted advisor, helping you to strengthen your culture and unleash the leadership competencies needed to meet your current and future business objectives. Carol’s work is sustaining and lasting. It saves you time and money.

If you wish to request Carol as a speaker, consultant or coach, please contact us.