EPIC LEADERSHIP: Getting Them through the Wilderness in Turbulent Times

How to Truly Lead People

“Leadership is the ability to get someone else to do something YOU WANT done because THEY WANT to do it.”- Dwight David Eisenhower

Whether they are responsible for an organization, a team or a family, most of today’s leaders have been taught to measure themselves by their ability to keep things from falling apart and to fix them when they do. In other words, they’re managing vs. leading. Unlike management, leadership is a vocation rather than a position. While management can be assigned or chosen, real leadership is something to which someone must be called. The good news is there is a leader in all of us.

Leadership speaker, Carol Kelly, will present and demonstrate that in order to be a transformational leader, you must develop a leadership mind. This is the single most crucial thing that gives an organization its competitive advantage. Transformational leadership requires changing not only the way you think and act but also the way you exercise your free will—the innermost core of who you are. This concept for many is a “game changer.”

What You’ll Learn:

  • The Leadership Mind: Carol will share a model that creates a conversion-like transformation that causes breakthrough thinking.
  • Empowerment: Carol will share a powerful formula on how to lead by empowering people. This involves not only creating systems and assigning work but also by developing people, by educating them to be leaders, and encouraging them to think beyond themselves.
  • Inspiration & Influence: Carol will present the principles of how a GREAT leader inspires others through vision, future expectations, and big opportunities. She will show you how to engage the HEART as well as the head of the team, the most valuable commodity of any business.
  • Two Sides of Leadership: Carol will show you that when the two sides of leadership are out of balance, it is the number one reason companies and organizations do not gain or maintain their competitive advantage.

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