Be The Change Leader People Look To!

This is a high-impact, interactive, engaging strategic work session designed for Executives and Team Leaders, preparing you to successfully lead a change effort while minimizing “people breakage.” It is not a program of theory but one of practical, pragmatic, behaviorally-based content. It presents a “new way” of looking at change and how it affects people. The way you lead people may not ever be the same.
In this strategic work session, you will receive real time coaching, and you will be able to:

  • “Step back” and objectively challenge your existing paradigms.
  • Imagine the future. Get creative.
  • Assess your own skills and behaviors and how they are affecting your change efforts.
  • Engage team members using a strategic “group dynamics” process.
  • Lead without authority by successfully working within the team and across groups.
  • Manage conflicts by using the “energy” of conflict to leverage constructive conflict and minimize destructive conflict.

What Clients are Saying…

“Carol not only educates, she motivates and inspires you to take action and it stays with you long after she’s gone.”
Master Black Belt
Six Sigma
Philips North America Company


“We were faced with a massive challenge of merging the personnel from three different hospitals. This required about 1,000 people to be reassigned in work assignments and locations, and it involved layoffs and different reporting relationships. All of this created a great deal of resistance. We called on Carol Kelly—whom we had previously hired for ‘tough, highly charged’ teambuilding interventions—to conduct a series of change initiatives. I have never seen such a paradigm shift in people as a result of working with Carol. I highly recommend her for any tough change effort you’re faced with in your organization.”
Atlantic Health System
Director, Human Resources


Making Success a Habit
A Blueprint for Enhancing Personal and Organizational Capability

When change disrupts your organization and you are in transition, sometimes it can be difficult for you and your team to see clearly what’s possible for you, to shift and move forward.


You find it difficult to sustain the excitement and energy needed to implement your changes. You and/or your team:

  • Feel bogged down at the thought of having to implement your organization’s new vision or projects
  • Are already stressed out from doing your existing jobs, and you now need to take on new work, or get involved in additional projects
  • Feel that the fun and excitement have gone out of work
  • Are continually having to deal with negativity or conflict at work
  • Are tired and demotivated
  • Get frustrated too often. You find yourself complaining a lot
  • Are experiencing burnout

If so, then you need Making Success a Habit, a hard-hitting, introspective, game -changing experience. It is an inside-out approach to personal and organizational success. It provides a set of fundamental, universal principles that, when consistently applied, will enable Executives, Teams, and Individual Contributors to collectively build their organization’s capability to gain or sustain a competitive advantage that is difficult to imitate. You will leave this experience with the ability to:

  • Get inspired again
  • Recognize the signs of burnout in yourself and your team members
  • Rediscover your passion and your enthusiasm
  • Develop a new strategic plan or team vision
  • Maximize your—and other team members’—contributions, while nurturing your own personal growth and development
  • Avoid allowing stress to become a habit