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EPIC Leadership

Posted by Distinct Solutions on August 15, 2016

Turning Chaos into Order during Difficult Transitions…Team by Team


As I reflect on more than two decades of experience as a Change & Leadership Consultant, I have found that Intact Team Building is the most effective change leadership method…now more than ever.

Known as the guru of high-stakes, emotionally-charged, politically-sensitive situations, I am frequently called upon to “intervene” when some other consultants prefer to back away. And this normally occurs in organizations that are “unfreezing” and are in transition. Unfreezing involves the reduction of the status quo and a dismantling of current mindsets. While it is necessary for effective change, it often creates a period of uncertainty, stress, confusion, and conflict. Continue reading


For the Strong Women Leaders Out There!

“A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.” 

-- Melinda Gates

To unleash your fullest potential, you must build on your leadership strengths yet not lose your identity as beautiful, feminine women. This is the steady, yet delicate “balance beam” you must walk. It takes a lot of energy, faith and effort! It’s not always easy but it CAN be done and it’s well worth it! Don’t give up on your dreams, your goals, and your passion. Like the Eagle: Continue reading


Posted by Distinct Solutions on June 1, 2016

A Personal, Contemplative Perspective

In his research, Dr. George Land provides a model for understanding change and its various dimensions. Change is a necessary part of life. Everyone experiences change. Dr. Land states that there is no such thing as status quo. There is either growth and development (change) or the opposite holds true (stagnation). During my journey, I’ve found this to be true. Continue reading


Posted by Distinct Solutions on December 8, 2015

A Critical Part of an Organization’s Success


As I reflect on three decades of experience as an Organizational Development (OD) Consultant, I’ve noticed one constant in the challenge organizations face. And that is the need to:

Develop and deliver products and services better and faster

to maintain their competitive advantage.

Is this you? You spend thousands of dollars and hours on sophisticated, carefully planned strategies (Sales, Marketing, R&D, etc.) and yet sometimes you do not get the return on your investment you were looking for. So what could be the problem? Continue reading


Posted by Distinct Solutions on October 23, 2015
Where Does Your Organization Stand?

As we look at the sheer velocity of uncertainty in the 21st century, we see that the landscape of doing business is altering dramatically. When the familiar signposts and landmarks aren’t there for them anymore, your senior leaders, team leaders and teams go through a period of change and transition.

When change disrupts your organization, and you are in transition, sometimes it can be difficult for leaders and teams to: Continue reading

Bouncing Back

Posted by Distinct Solutions on July 24, 2015
“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

As you know, Einstein was known to be a genius, so I don’t take lightly anything he had to say. Think a moment about this profound truth. What could have prompted Einstein to make such a statement? Perhaps, despite his impressive accomplishments, he had experienced some setbacks that thrust his life into a state of flux. Perhaps he had moments of indecision and/or temporary failures in life that caused him to “think about his thinking”. Continue reading