CHANGE Is Inevitable, Yet 70% of Change Initiatives Fail.

Carol Kelly Helps Leaders and Teams to Defy These Harsh Odds…

Carol Kelly

Carol Kelly
Change and Transition Leadership Consultant, Certified Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker

How? Carol specializes in assisting Executives and Senior Leaders to be ready for change, resilient, and fiercely competitive by:

  • Equipping their leaders to be masterful in influencing human performance
  • Creating a systemic team-based, coaching culture
  • Breaking through resistance to change…quickly
  • Building peak-performing, high-functioning teams

Although many leaders have gained system, process, and functional skills, few have had the time to master the art of working with and through people. However, this is critical to an organization’s success because people still make the system and culture outweighs strategy every time.

“The single biggest reason organizational changes fail is that no one thought about endings or planned to manage their impact on people.”
~ William Bridges, Managing Transitions

Are you currently satisfied with your leadership’s ability to:

  • Manage, understand, and lead change?
  • Engage and retain employees with critical skillsets?
  • Deal with employees’ emotional reactions to change?
  • Function as coaches?
  • Guide and inspire their teams to work faster, better, smarter?

It may sound cliché, but to go where you’ve never gone before, you need to empower your people to be and do things they’ve never been and done before.

What obstacles are stopping you
from taking your organization to the next level?

After consulting with, coaching, and speaking to thousands of leaders and teams across diverse industries, Carol Kelly can guide you and your people through the complexities of inevitable change, and help you to:

  • Leverage Your Leadership Impact to bring out the best in your people
  • Communicate More Powerfully to inspire and influence others
  • Build High-Performing Teams that give you a competitive advantage
  • Develop Leadership Capabilities that produce a collaborative, resilient, winning culture
  • Harness the Power of Emotional Intelligence when dealing with chaos, conflict, and crises
  • Bounce Back Quickly from unexpected, disruptive change, and of course, Save Time and Money

Here’s what clients are saying….

“Carol helped me to develop and build a collaborative, cohesive team. Originally established as a change team—key category leaders—their performance was critical to the success of the organization’s marketing initiatives, and they were divided and in continuous conflict. After a powerful intervention with Carol, I saw an instant change in their working relationships and the overall working environment improved tremendously.”

~ Philips Lighting Company, V.P. – Marketing

“Carol Kelly is one of the most skilled, inspirational speakers I have encountered. She’s not only talented, she’s gifted.”

~ AT&T, VP – Consumer Products

If you would like to identify the #1 most powerful action you can take to move you towards the impact you wish to make, then:

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“Every now and then someone comes along who has spent a lifetime preparing for what is needed at a particular time. In these times, you need a wise guide who thinks insightfully, presents clearly, is perceptive and compassionate and inspires you to accomplish things you had previously thought were impossible. Carol is the person.”

~ Alberto-Culver Company, VP – Skin Care

“As a seasoned, senior marketing executive across diverse business industries, coaching with Carol proved invaluable. What’s amazing about working with Carol is that she not only teaches you, she also makes you think and creates in you a paradigm shift that instantly changes behavior. She is able to have you see the very things stopping you from reaching excellence that you never knew existed. I know of no other coaching approach that produces as quickly and effectively as the one Carol uses.”

~ Philips Lighting Company, V.P. – Marketing