For Building Highly Engaged , Productive, Resilient,
Self-Managed Teams
Intact Work Teams  *  Cross Functional Teams
Executive Teams  *  Labor and Management
Key Stakeholders  *  Critical Organizational Interfaces


  • Uncover the root cause of your problems and get them solved in real time
  • Create new work norms and a renewed work culture
  • Strengthen strategic skills and competencies for more effective leadership
  • Avoid the number one reason organizations do not gain or sustain their competitive advantage


  • Group coaching and facilitation — customized to your unique needs — where participants roll up their sleeves, attack their problems, and leave with the problems solved. No theory. No fluff.


  • In just three days, the following observable, measurable short – and long – term results:
    Teams that

    • Execute better
    • Learn faster…together
    • Implement change more readily
    • Collaborate vs. compete
    • Cut through conflicts and disagreements easier and faster
    • Solve problems and make decisions more effectively
    • Save the organization time and money

What Clients are Saying…

“Carol helped me to develop and build a collaborative, cohesive team. Originally established as a change team—key category leaders—their performance was critical to the success of the organization’s marketing initiatives, and they were divided and in continuous conflict. After a powerful intervention with Carol, I saw an instant change in their working relationships and the overall working environment improved tremendously.”
V.P. – Marketing
Philips Lighting Company