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Carol Kelly

Carol Kelly

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These are the ‘high-impact, transformative’ results people and organizations achieve when working with Carol Kelly, a Change & Transition Success Strategist. She has consulted with, coached, and spoken to thousands of groups, teams, and leaders across diverse industries, empowering them to be highly engaged, focused, and productive like never before. In keeping with her brand, Carol is the co-author of the book Outstanding RESULTS!: Out Of The Box Thinking For Business And Life. (AMAZON)

With three decades of experience as a Strategic Consultant, Professional Coach, and Keynote Speaker — both inside a Fortune 500 company and in her own consulting firm—Carol works with her clients as ‘human systems’ and helps them to get to the ‘root cause’ of their problems in real time.

Many proactive, progressive companies, such as AT&T, Philips Lighting Company, and the Atlantic Health System, have partnered with Carol resulting in the following business outcomes:

  • Developed and facilitated a human interaction curriculum preparing Six Sigma-certified Black Belts to be effective change agents in order to influence the decisions of key stakeholders and drive the company-wide change process.
  • Customized and implemented a coaching intervention to settle a critical issue between management and union employees in a manufacturing environment. A long-term problem was resolved in three days.
  • Developed and implemented an extensive change process for three merging healthcare organizations involving more than 1,000 people. In six months, their patient satisfaction index increased 20%.
  • Provided executive coaching for a Marketing V.P. and Sales V.P. challenged with intense, debilitating conflict. Subsequently, designed and implemented a team coaching intervention for their respective teams with intra- and inter-group conflict. Resulted in successful, immediate turnaround. Business objectives were met with measurable, observable results; critical talent was retained.
  • Provided one-on-one executive coaching for an Executive Vice President with ineffective leadership and communication styles. Subsequently implemented a team-building coaching intervention with the executive and his team. Resulted in a cohesive, collaborative team in two weeks.

Carol has studied extensively to prepare for what she considers to be her ‘life’s work.’ She is an alumna of the Indiana University Graduate School of Business, has done post-graduate studies in Human Behavior and Industrial Psychology, is certified by, and has partnered with, several internationally acclaimed consulting firms.

What Clients are Saying…

“Carol helped me to develop and build a collaborative, cohesive team. Originally established as a change team—key category leaders—their performance was critical to the success of the organization’s marketing initiatives, and they were divided and in continuous conflict. After a powerful intervention with Carol, I saw an instant change in their working relationships and the overall working environment improved tremendously.”
– Philips Lighting Company,
V.P. – Marketing

“ We were faced with a massive challenge of merging the personnel from three different hospitals. This required about 1,000 people to be reassigned in work assignments and locations, and it involved layoffs and different reporting relationships. All of this created a great deal of resistance. We called on Carol Kelly—whom we had previously hired for ‘tough, highly charged’ teambuilding interventions—to conduct a series of change initiatives. I have never seen such a paradigm shift in people as a result of working with Carol. I highly recommend her for any tough change effort you’re faced with in your organization.”
– Atlantic Health System,
Director, Human resources

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