Pathway To Power

Seminars & Retreats for Women in Leadership 
(who are experiencing some form of Change & Transition) 

Recalculate!   Accelerate!   Celebrate!
Recapture your vigor, strength, fight, and drive!
Win from Within! * Be Unstoppable!

Have you decided changes are desperately needed in order to lead a better life? For example, are you:

  • Trying to reinvent yourself to start a business; land a job in a tough, competitive market; or struggling to remain competitive in your current job?
  • Accomplished and successful yet you have higher goals and aspirations that you have not reached?
  • “Stuck,” i.e. you can’t–or don’t want to–go back to the way things were yet you’re having difficulty moving forward?
  • Starting all over again after something significant has changed or “ended” in your business or personal life?
  • Finding it difficult to make sense of what you’re going through?

When something happens that disrupts your life—or life just isn’t going as planned—sometimes it can be difficult to:

  • “Let go” of what is familiar to you or what has happened in the past.
  • Eliminate mental chatter and think proactively.
  • Get to the bottom of what stalls or stops you from achieving your goals.
  • See clearly what’s possible for you.
  • Be inspired to shift and go to the next level.

Pathway to Power is authored by a woman who has been through “all of the above” whose life is now transformed. Like her, it will bring positive, permanent shifts in the quality of your life. It provides a road map of the Transition Process that will empower you to create a clear vision for your future and unleash the power within you to break through any limitations that are stalling or stopping you from living in that future.

You may ask yourself: “What makes Pathway to Power so effective?”

  • What it IS NOT
  • Like some personal development initiatives, Pathway to Power does not teach you how to practice techniques.
  • It is not a “quick fix.”
  • It is not a “how to” guide.
  • It is not pop psychology or trendy self-help.
  • What it IS
  • It provides you with the education, strategies, and tools necessary to transform your life. It’s your navigation system.
  • It is a step-by-step pathway to age-old, proven principles that give you the security to adapt to change in your life—as well as the wisdom and power to take advantage of the opportunities such change creates.
  • It is an opportunity to explore yourself and your impact on others. It is based on your experiences and your life. You bring the content.
  • It is based on solid wisdom and sound, universal principles that never fail.

IT IS a Fun, Interactive, Inspirational, Revelatory Experience that will captivate you and give you the tools and strategies necessary to create transformative results in your personal and professional life.

Here’s What Attendees Had to Say…

“Carol brings a lot of enthusiasm, energy, humor and her past experiences—both personal and professional—to make the content real to her audience. I highly recommend Carol to anyone looking for an expert in Human Behavior and Personal Development.”
–Group Manager – Operations,
Pershing, LLC
A Bank of New York Mellon Company

“This experience had a tremendous impact on me and was personally transformational.”
–Senior HR Manager,
Philips Lighting Company


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