Making Success a Habit

A Blueprint for Enhancing Personal and Organizational Capability

This program is designed to provide a framework for surfacing, identifying, clarifying and resolving key issues that hinder personal and organizational success. It provides a set of fundamental principles, concepts and behaviors which, when consistently applied, will enable individual contributors, teams, and organizations to succeed. You will leave the program with the ability to:

  • Identify the principles through which lasting and effective success is developed and assess your current behaviors in relation to these principles.
  • Develop unity in your team and organizational relationships around a commonly shared mission and set of values.
  • Clarify individual, team, and organizational values and priorities and apply a process for connecting these values into your goals and objectives.
  • Cultivate trust, strength and a sense of purpose among team members and between teams.
  • Maximize your–and other team members’–contributions, while nurturing your personal growth and development.

Length: 2 days

“Perceptive, compassionate and empowering, Carol’s insightful, high-energy delivery style fully engages even the most resistant, most reserved participants in a dynamic learning environment.”
Human Resources
Atlantic Health Systems
“Carol brings a lot of enthusiasm, energy, humor and her past experiences—both personal and professional—to make the content real to her audience. I highly recommend Carol to anyone looking for an expert in Human Behavior and Personal Development.”
Training Director
Pershing, LLC

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