V.P. – Marketing

Carol helped me to develop and build a collaborative, cohesive team. Originally established as a change team—key category leaders—their performance was critical to the success of the organization’s marketing initiatives, and they were divided and in continuous conflict. After a powerful intervention with Carol, I saw an instant change in their working relationships and the overall working environment improved tremendously.

Atlantic Health Systems

We were faced with a massive challenge of merging the personnel from three different hospitals. This required about 1,000 people to be reassigned in work assignments and locations, and it involved layoffs and different reporting relationships. All of this created a great deal of resistance. We called on Carol Kelly—whom we had previously hired for ‘tough, highly charged’ teambuilding interventions—to conduct a series of change initiatives. I have never seen such a paradigm shift in people as a result of working with Carol. I highly recommend her for any tough change effort you’re faced with in your organization.


Carol Kelly is one of the most skilled, inspirational speakers that I have experienced. She’s not only talented, she’s gifted.


I have been to a lot of training programs within my career and I have never had an experience that had as much impact as the past two days. In most cases, it is always “role playing,” and that is not real life. What we did was real. It was real feelings, real emotions, and most of all, it was the truth!

Atlantic Health Systems

Perceptive, compassionate and empowering, Carol’s insightful, high-energy delivery style fully engages even the most resistant, most reserved participants in a dynamic learning environment.


Recently, when preparing for an interview with my Company, I enlisted my Coach, Carol Kelly, for assistance. Carol expanded and increased my personal insight and potential, and provided excellent tips on preparing for this interview. I knew nothing about the department nor its products or processes. Additionally, I interviewed against nine other candidates, one of whom thoroughly knew the department and had a political advantage. After two rounds of interviews, I landed the job! Thank you, Carol, for your invaluable coaching. I could not have obtained this position without your help!

Personal Client

After a long period of frustration with a personal problem that I have had for most of my adult life, I enlisted Carol to help me. During my second meeting with her, Carol listened intently and recognized the “root cause” of my situation. Instead of telling me, she asked me one powerful question that lingered and stayed with me. This took me on a journey to discover my own truth. I even took a trip to Greece to get away and reflect. And in this reflection I became conscious of my debilitating patterns and why they were there. This produced an instant change in me, my outlook on life and my behavior. It changed my life.

Pershing, LLC

Carol brings a lot of enthusiasm, energy, humor and her past experiences—both personal and professional—to make the content real to her audience. I highly recommend Carol to anyone looking for an expert in Human Behavior and Personal Development.

Bell Laboratories

Carol’s work is not just “pie-in-the-sky” it’s based on the concepts and principles of some of the most contemporary, innovative thought leaders the world has ever known. I know because I’ve read most of their books.